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One day I'll make myself a homepage, but for now it is just the list of pages I have:

French Jura French Jura with the Berlin Speleo club.

Altai Trek around Ak-Kem Lake in Altai. We did not climb mount Belucha.

Gay Parade Gay Parade - Berlin 2005.

Fete de la Musique Fete de la Musique - Berlin 2005.

Spreewald Some pictures from a short trip to Spreewald, which is known for its famous Spreewalder Gurken.

Bowling Bowling for Spreewald

Kastaven 1st of May punk show in Kastaven

Berlin Moon Daylight moon over Berlin - A set of pictures from one afternoon in Berlin with very clear skies.

Gay Parade Berlin 2004 Gay Parade - some of the very first picture I took with my digital camera.

The Fly The Fly - macro pictures of a glass fly. These pictures are before my digital era, so forgive me for the horrible colors. Still, I like these pictures.

UFRaw UFRaw - a Gimp plug-in for reading digital camera's raw files.

My mostly empty homepage

For comments you can contact me at UdiFuchs@gmail.com

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